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The WIE mentorship program aims to help young women in their transition to university and guide them on their journey to becoming leaders in the field of STEM. Our program pairs CEGEP students with Concordia Undergraduate students to provide them with a mutually supportive bond that helps navigate academic and social challenges as a woman in engineering.

Our mentorship program includes activities such as galas, game nights, information sessions, and networking events. Participants can expect to learn from each other, gain valuable experience, and make friends along the way!

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Make time

Set aside time when you can meet! Plan
video calls, voice chats, or even texts. Aim
to have a schedule, such as monthly or
weekly meetings!

 Ask questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions! Whether
you think it's small or big, just go for it and
ask! There are no dumb questions.

Stay connected

Each meeting doesn't have to be structured!

You can ask them if it's okay to message

them at any time outside of your scheduled

meetings. Make sure to talk about your

boundaries and respect theirs as well!

Most of all, have FUN!

Make connections, memories, and have fun with it!


2023 calendar

Registration Deadline

January 16


Opening Gala

Q&A Session

Event 2

Bonding Event

Event 3

Event 4

Closing Gala

Event 1

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